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Those little voices shattered through the walls
My breath seems to anticipate the fall
This all seems a little esoteric
Am I the only one
Is there anybody else out there?
My hands are out and reaching
I'm screaming words of nonsense
It feels wrong, every inch of reason points to you
It's been all along, I've been drowning in a dream come true
At last I have an answer
Swim down when I know I'm dieing
I'll hit rock bottom or I'll go trying
Because I know I'll be going down
I know this beautiful swim will make me drown
And how I'd wish you'd remain here singing with me today
But I guess one must fall so the other can fly away
Two's too heavy for the one that supports the cross
I'm the one who won the position of a night's despaired loss
I don't want it anymore
There has to be a back door
When did this all begin
When and how did I get in?
Not the start or the end of the dream
It must of happened in between
It grew fast, cradled me in a casket
Handed to me with roses and thorns in a basket
So when the time came she gave me secure ground
It capsized collapsed and spun around
Now I just want to lay down
In an intergalactic travel
Because I know there's still beauty on that angel's face
To the crystal nebula, above the horizon, the depths of space

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